Why choose MailStyler?

  • In order to create emails that are always correctly displayed by any Email Client, on a local PC or smartphone, and to take advantage of new responsive technologies, it is essential to use a dedicated program.The normal website editors or personal email programs, such Outlook, are not able to produce emails that renders correctly everywhere.

    Why should you choose MailStyler instead of any another Email Editor?

    Because Mailstyler is the only true desktop program easy to use, professional and specialized in content structure for emails and newsletters. It is an offline service and does not suffer from instability, slowness and incompatibility as other online systems on the web. It manages images in an absolutely unique way and allows perfect results every time.

  • Why choose MailStyler?


Latest release: | Release date: 30/01/2017 | Size: 65 MB
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That’s what makes Mailstyler your best choice:

  • Speed and Stability of a desktop

    By installing MailStyler on your PC you will not suffer slow downs, long waiting to upload images, web crash while working and incompatibility problems with the browser: all typical problems of online services. Mailstyler ensures stability and speed, images upload instantanealy and any contents editing occurs in real time, without delays due to the slowness of the browser and connection.

  • You can work offline, even if you are not connected to the Internet

    MailStyler runs on your laptop and therefore is always accessible; you can work on your newsletter whenever and wherever you want, even if you don’t have an Internet connection, and without fear of slowdowns due to a overload server. Uploading images or modifying your project is not going to slow down your connection and you don’t run the risk of improvvise crash while working.

  • Flexibility and power in a Professional tool

    Normally Drag&Drop online editor are designed for beginners and power and professionality are often sacrificated for the ease of use; MailStyler instead adopts a technology that allows you to have the immediacy of the drag and drop as well as the flexibility, power and endless customization of a professional tool. Colors, button shapes, styles of decoration: everything can be customized and you can save your styles and recall them with a single click.

  • Quick and smart image management

    Mailstyler can work with images from any source. Even large pictures can be resized thanks to a smart crop&resize internal tool; they will fit perfectly to the message without damaging it, and without having to use an external software like Photoshop. The images are automatically compressed and optimized in order to weigh as little as possible, fundamental requirement for email messages.

  • Integrated cloud

    Mailstyler Pro includes a dedicated space cloud for your newsletter and, if desired, it will automatically save the images of your newsletter. This allows you to manage the images path without having to upload them on your server: the savings in terms of time and server band when you send your mailing is immense. Plus, you do not have the risk to loose your images or modify their path that it could cause many rendering problems.

  • Ability to work on multiple projects at once and without limits.

    MailStyler is the only software that allows you to work on multiple projects and save them locally. You can open them again later on, edit them, save changes and make copies without losing anything of your previous work. With MailStyler you do not have any limit on editing and thanks to the offline working mode you can check again your project with no internet connection needed.

  • Email correct on any mail client …

    All newsletters and templates created with MailStyler get read correctly on PC and on mobile devices. Our developers are constantly updating the engine program in order to follow the changes introduced by every Email Client. Furthermore MailStyler verifies all your email with services such Litmus and EmailOnAcid (tools that verify newsletter design) in order to ensure always a great rendering on any device.

  • … And on any device thanks to the responsive mode

    With MailStyler you can create 100% responsive emails: this means that your newsletter automatically adjusts when read on the small screen of a smartphone. It does not matter where opened, if on a phone, tablet or desktop, your email will be always be easy to read and maintain a perfect rendering. In this way you can be sure to reach a wider target and get more clicks.