MailStyler 2: Even more powerful, always simple.

We collected your requests and suggestions to create new powerful tools. Now creating customized emails and newsletter templates is even more simple, intuitive and immediate. Discover all the new features.

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  • Revolutionary dynamic image management

    MailStyler is the first and only editor that allows you to reposition your images inside the frames, choosing the portion of the picture you want to show. You can resize the frames at will, prioritizing your content, and you can do it all from your newsletter with no external software. Adjust your photos in a super dynamic, real-time dashboard and choose your result.

Resize, customize, move, flip, modify, create, save: an endless range of tools in a single powerful software.

  • Totally customizable blocks

    Newsletter editor default blocks are often static and cannot be changed. The new MailStyler dynamic blocks are fully customizable. Select your block and edit at will: move items, delete or enter new elements by importing them from software or personal libraries. New blocks will be automatically generated in HTML code with inline CSS style to guarantee newsletters are always perfectly displayed.

With MailStyler you can work as a graphic designer and an email marketing expert at the same time.

  • Graphic effects for texts

    Build your banners and ads directly with MailStyler! Thanks to the new graphic effects for texts you can apply preset styles and designs, created for you by our top experts. Your texts will have a great screen presence ensuring great visibility, while matching your newsletter’s style.
    Unleash your imagination and assemble images and texts in seconds like a real pro.

Works straight on your newsletter without having to save or import your images with external software.

  • Resize spaces

    Freely resize your newsletter: shrink or expand columns by simply selecting and moving the block’s edge. You can keep the formatting by locking the size of the internal contents, or you can let them adapt to the new size of your newsletter. MailStyler is smart and powerful: it will automatically reorganize all the images, texts and buttons inside the blocks, keeping them perfectly tidy and balanced.

Unleash your imagination! Every element of your newsletter is 100% customizable. Finally!

  • Customizable social icons

    Social icons are now essential for marketing and are increasingly included in newsletters. Thanks to MailStyler you no longer need to add them one by one. Choose the icons you want to insert from your social toolbar and customize them with a click. Adjust the color, the shape, or the size and make them match perfectly your newsletter’s design.

MailStyler is everything you need to create amazing newsletters, perfect in every detail.

  • Saving elements

    Images, texts, buttons, banners, social icons or entire blocks: any element that you’ve created and customized can be saved in your personal library. You can open them in the editor whenever you need, and reuse them in any of your future newsletters.

  • Overlapping images

    Overlap two or more images and play with the transparency filter to create a collage. Or use the wide variety of labels and banners available in the free clip art library. Overlap them with your photos or add text and graphic effects to give more visibility to your offers.

  • Preset styles

    This feature allows you to apply beautiful preset styles to your newsletter. Thanks to the practical preview tool, you can see colors and the final rendering in advance. You can also modify the whole newsletter’s style or only parts of it.


  • Flip cells

    Flip in a second the contents of your newsletter. The Flip Cells tool lets you replace contents on the left with content on the right and vice versa. Rearrange your items and display them balanced and tidily, without using any external software.

  • Always 100% responsive newsletters

    Whether you are using a default block or sending a customized newsletter, the automatic HTML code with CSS inline style means you will always have a 100% responsive email.

  • PDF files export

    Save your templates on your PC in classic eml and html formats dedicated to email marketing, or in pdf to send your files to your customers. Your files can also be saved or opened from your favorite cloud spaces including Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.