What’s changed in MailStyler 2?

Everything. Only the simplicity has remained the same because email marketing has to be easy.

  • What’s changed in MailStyler 2

  • The new version of MailStyler contains new powerful features designed to make the creation of your newsletters even easier than before.

    What can you do differently?

    • Insert images, icons and elements in preset blocks.
    • Merge or separate multiple cells, and adjust spaces and sizes.
    • Add predefined graphic styles to texts.
    • Overlay text on images to create dynamic banners.
    • Play with transparency and opacity on photos and text.
    • Copy the style of a cell or a block to another cell or block.
    • Export templates in pdf format.
    • Enjoy advanced management of social icons.
    • Optimize .png files when exporting.

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Discover all the new and powerful features of MailStyler 2:

What the software can do: MailStyler MailStyler 2
No HTML skills required
Compatible with all desktop and mobile email clients (Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, etc.)
– Blocks that are 100% responsive and customizable
Compatible with leading email marketing programs (eMailChef, SendBlaster, Mailchimp, etc.)
Creates templates with drag-and-drop
– Adds extra elements in preset blocks (images, buttons, text, etc.)
– Freely resizes blocks and cell contents
– Merges and splits two or more cells
– Clones the styles of cells and blocks
– Matches social icons with the newsletter global style
– Saves personalized items to the library (images, buttons, text, etc.)
– Saves customized blocks to the library
Includes an integrated image editor
– Crops and resizes images
– Overlays multiple images
– Overlays text and images
– Applies transparency and opacity effects to images
– Applies graphic effects to texts placed on the images
– Includes a high-definition image library
– Includes a high-definition library of labels and banners
Includes an export wizard tool
– Provides dedicated cloud space
– Exports templates in pdf format
– Optimizes jpeg files
– Optimizes png files
Saves the template created on your PC
Saves the template in your personal cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive)
Opens the template from your personal cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive)

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