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MailStyler 2 is a software that guarantees exceptional results with little effort: to create templates that will be opened on every device you don’t need to know how to program or know HTML, just let our software work.

To try out its functionality, simply download the demo version from this site and use it until you are convinced you want to buy the Base or Pro version. Once you have purchased the software, you will receive an email with the activation code that you have to enter in MailStyler 2.

Click on the question point at the top right, and then on “Activation”: you need to enter the email address you used to purchase MailStyler and copy the activation code that we sent you by email. If your computer is connected to the Internet, it will take just a few seconds for our servers to authorize you and then you can use the complete software.

Remember, however, that:

  • The Base version allows you to install, and therefore use the license, on only one computer at a time.
  • The Pro version allows installation on five different computers at the same time.
  • If you change PC or want to move your job, you can deactivate the installation and reactivate it on the new machine: from the “Activation” menu, simply choose “Deactivate this copy” and then activate MailStyler 2 on another computer.
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