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Video content is hugely important. Preferred over images and text, videos have proven to be the most popular form of content on social media and websites.

The same is true of videos in email.

Just place the word “video” in the subject of and email and openings increase by 20%. The Click Through Rate (CTR) rises by 55%.

At MailStyler we understand the latest trends in email marketing and we want you to benefit from those extra openings and clicks. That’s why we’ve enabled you to insert a video preview in your emails.

It takes just two steps:

  1. In the Block Library, open the Special Blocks section. Select the Video Block and drag it onto the template. The Image Properties window will open automatically.
  2. Enter the URL of the video. MailStyler will generate the image of the video preview, adapting the Video Block to the graphic style of the source (YouTube, Vimeo ,etc).

That’s it!

Now you can customize the video preview, changing the following parameters:

  • The Play symbol, available in versions used on the most popular video sharing web platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, etc), or created for you by our graphic designers;
  • The edges, which can be changed by style, color and size;
  • The external margins, to match the design of your email;
  • The video preview image, which in addition to being automatically generated by the video frame can be loaded from a sample, a file or the image gallery.

Inserting videos in emails is now within everyone’s reach, thanks to MailStyler.

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