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  • What is MailStyler

    MailStyler 2 description (short)

    MailStyler is the best template maker for your responsive templates with no HTML knowledge needed. You can use it with any email marketing platform or software, and you always get templates that display in the right way on every email client.

    MailStyler 2 description

    MailStyler 2 is the template creation software that allows you to get the perfect design for your newsletter, without knowing how to code HTML. It works with all email marketing platforms or software, and gives you total control on your content: your templates will be always be rendered in the right way on every email client.

    MailStyler 2 description (long)

    MailStyler 2 is the best solution for your email marketing needs: with MailStyler 2 you can create the perfect template and use it in your campaigns even if you don’t know HTML. All the elements of your newsletter can be edited in real time: resize box and photos, increase or reduce spaces, always get a responsive template that you can use with any email marketing platform or software. MailStyler 2 guarantees you total control on your content, for your designs will be rendered correctly on every email client.

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    Why choose MailStyler?
    It’s simple, intuitive, easy.

    • There’s no need to know HTML code to get pixel-perfect newsletter.
    • Templates are correctly rendered by any email client.
    • You will be able to use your design with any and all email marketing software and platforms.
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    Who makes MailStyler

    MailStyler is a software developed by Delivery Tech, Inc., a leading digital marketing provider, specialized in offering deliverability services and developing user-friendly email marketing software. Hundreds of thousands of customers around the world rely on Delivery Tech products and services to carry on email marketing campaigns, send transactional emails, communicate with their customers, and continuously improve their business.

    Fun fact: MailStyler’s lead developer works from Tenerife. 🇪🇸

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