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One of the reasons why it is always convenient to use a template builder to prepare your newsletter layout is that relying on different tools has a high risk of achieving disastrous results. But you have to defend yourself from the disasters that await us to use unprofessional solutions for sending our emails.

Unfortunately, the number of people who will choose Microsoft Outlook to send a newsletter is still pretty high. It will be frustrating, for no template builder, not even MailStyler, can make sure that the layouts you create and send stay responsive, and it’s Outlook’s fault.

In fact, Microsoft’s email client does not use an HTML rendering engine but uses Word: therefore the code gets corrupted, and the part of the HTML code that makes it possible to create fluid layouts for responsive design is deleted. Since more than half of your emails are now opened and read on a mobile device, using Microsoft Outlook to send your newsletter means that more than half of your audience cannot read you correctly. Not to mention that the work you made creating the template is now nullified.

Just as we do not recommend using Microsoft Word to create your templates, so we advise you not to send your newsletters using Microsoft Outlook but a professional email sender (such as SendBlaster) or moving to an online platform such as MailChimp, Constant Contact or eMailChef.

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