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We all look for shortcuts to save time and to work better. Sometimes these alternatives exist and allow us to optimize our resources and manage to finish our tasks earlier, with less effort; sometimes these shortcuts are a source of issues and stress and force us to work twice as hard or accept mediocre results.

As we have already said about Microsoft Word, there are essentially two ways to get an excellent template for newsletters: to create it by writing the code by hand or to use a template builder. It’s best to use software like Word for the things they were developed for: for example, to be an excellent word processor.

The same goes for Microsoft Publisher. As long as it is used as software for the desktop publisher, or to layout documents as reports and short manuals, it works well and has an incredible number of advantages. Just think of the integration with the rest of the Office suite: which remains one of the most used tools in any industry for word processing, spreadsheets, e-mail management, etc.

But using Publisher won’t get you a clean and “healthy” code, just an unsafe one. By using Publisher for something it was not meant to, you’ll get flawed templates. They’ll generate rendering issues – since the code it provides is not standardized, and therefore each email client will interpret it differently. Maybe even deliverability issues – if the newsletter were to get crippled in its design, it could be reported as spam by many, thus ruining your reputation.

That’s why you should use MailStyler to create your newsletters: the code you’ll get will always be displayed correctly on any device. You don’t need to know HTML to get the right results because MailStyler has been developed for the highest standards. An intuitive interface and the guarantee of a professional outcome will do the rest.

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