Press kit

Delivery Tech Corp. (a leading firm specialized in products for email and digital marketing) has announced the launch of its innovative newsletter creation software, named MailStyler.
MailStyler is a brand new newsletter building software that allows the user to create fully compatible newsletters with a powerful but easy-to-use drag and drop editor.

In fact, MailStyler’s ‘drag and drop’ interface makes using the software extremely simple. No HTML or other coding knowledge is required, the formatting being handled by the software itself. Indeed, according to the producers, the whole purpose of MailStyler is to “create the best possible looking newsletters”.

“We are enormously excited to release a product that we consider to be unique in so many ways” – said the CEO of Delivery Tech Corp. – “With its easy to use interface, outstanding flexibility and extensive graphics library, MailStyler is the ideal tool for everyone who needs to send a perfectly coded email message that renders properly on all email clients, webmails, and email sending platforms.”

“Compared to similar web-based applications” – said Ramy Eltarras – “MailStyler is much more powerful and flexible: being a desktop program it can offer more options, more stability and services — and it can be used also offline”.

MailStyler is designed from the ground up to be highly intuitive. Design parameters are focused around the use of multi-purpose blocks, each being supported by a library of pre-designed, though ultimately flexible, styles. This allows complete control over all aspects of the newsletter creation process, ensuring that branded designs can be maintained, whilst creative originality is permitted to flourish.

MailStyler comes in 3 possible options:

    • A DEMO version,which gives users the option to create trial exportations without a license key. It also includes a library of 2,000+ medium resolution images, 200 of which are watermark-free and a further 2,000 that carry a watermark.
    • A “BASIC”” version, which is the same as the DEMO version, except that users can create unlimited exportations for any email marketing platforms and email clients.
    • A “PRO” version, which releases the full power of Mail Styler. Unlike the trial and basic versions, MailStyler Pro also includes unlimited, one-click Cloud image storage, plus 2,000+ watermark-free images, all produced in high resolution.

All licenses are one-time payments with no recurring fees.

MailStyler provides an effective, easy-to-use way of producing professional newsletters. Users also have full access to an extensive set of tutorials that detail every aspect of this intuitive software, thus allowing the best possible results to be produced from day one.

Take a look at some screenshots.