Responsive Email Design

When it comes to create a newsletter template, it’s extremely important to ensure its readability on multiple devices – that is, to provide a responsive design.

As a matter of fact, more than half of your readers will likely open your newsletter on a mobile phone or a tablet, and then maybe checked again on a computer. This ubiquity obliges you to choose a responsive email design if you want to catch always the customer’s attention. Which is exactly what MailStyler provides, with the ease of use of a drag&drop editor.

responsive email templates

A responsive HTML email template made with MailStyler guarantees the optimal reading experience without resizing and scrolling, since the newsletter automatically adjusts to any screens. Thus looking perfect no matter where it’s opened: check yourself.

So don’t waste your time looking for responsive layouts here and there on the web. Start building your own brand-oriented responsive email marketing campaign with MailStyler now.