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On Wednesday, June 27, 2018 an update for MailStyler 2 was released , Version In addition to a general performance improvement and some minor bug fixes, these are the new features:

  • added video preview management;
  • added spell check support (Windows 8 or higher);
  • added preview mode for insertable object libraries in left column;
  • simplified element selection controls, now in hierarchical format and based on a colour code;
  • improved readability of icons in selection frames;
  • added layered image deletion (with confirmation) when loading a new image;
  • simplified image resizing into newsletter;
  • added “copy and paste emoji” capability.

MailStyler is the best template builder in the industry. It allows you to build beautiful templates for newsletters without knowing HTML or be a designer, and it guarantees that your templates will be opened on any device.

The June 27th update is automatically detected by MailStyler; in case it is not, you can click on the “?” menu at the top right corner of the screen.

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