Using MailStyler in Trial mode

While MailStyler is running in Trial mode, the following limitations apply:

  • Previews are not allowed.
  • Exported images are watermarked.
  • Texts are scrambled.
  • All links are redirected to
  • Trial mode header and footer are added to the exported newsletter.
  • Trial mode popup's are shown, both in MailStyler and in the exported html.
  • The html code is injected with random comments and all carriage returns are removed.

Click here to see an example of a newsletter exported while in Trial mode.

MailStyler is available in the following versions:

  • BASIC: Full working version with an image library limited to about 200 usable images (of a maximum size of 800 pixels, other images are smaller and watermarked).
  • FULL: Full working version which entitles you to download and install the HD image library (more than 2,000 images, of a size of 2048 pixels, about 470 MB).

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