MailStyler is a complete newsletter creator that will enable you to create newsletters compatible with all of the main browsers, email clients and portable devices most widely used.

It enables you to easily create the layout, edit the contents and it assists you in creating the best looking newsletter possible.
No knowledge of the HTML language is required and you don't even have to be an expert graphic designer: Just let MailStyler guide you and you will be able to create great looking and very effective newsletters.

It combines the power of a library of pre-built, multi-purpose blocks with a library of styles that will change in one click the appearance of the whole newsletter.
Drag&Drop the blocks you need, and select the style you prefer (or even create your own style).

It also feature a ready-to-use, high-quality image library of more than 2,000* images that will make it extremely easy to enhance the contents of your newsletters.
Image editing includes auto crop functions and detail selection.

* The image library distributed with the Demo and the Basic version contains about 200 usable images of a maximum size of 800 pixels. All other images are smaller and watermarked.
The image library available with the Full version contains more than 2,000 images, of a maximum size of 2048 pixels.

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