How to make an email template for MailChimp

MailChimp is one of the most popular and reliable platforms for email marketing and newsletter sending. Of course, your campaign on MailChimp will work the best if you employ an enticing, carefully coded HTML email template. This for three reasons:

  • help MailChimp improve your deliverability (a neat code facilitate an email to get to recipients’ inboxes);
  • ensure a coherent content flow and a proper structure for your news or offers;
  • guarantee a perfect readability on every device.

Now the best choice to make quickly an effective HTML newsletter for MailChimp is definitely MailStyler.

Our WYSIWYG editor will let you create beautiful, complete email layouts in minutes: you’ll simply need to drag and drop any pre-made elements — text boxes, image boxes, columns, etc. — onto the page and build your newsletter “live”. Not a single line of code is needed!

And as all of these HTML elements have been crafted to be compatible with the most popular email clients and webmails, the final newsletter will render perfectly no matter where it’s opened. The same goes for deliverability: obtaining a lightweight, flawless HTML will be a huge help for your email delivery process.

Once you’ve finished all you have to do is to import your email template into MailChimp’s editor and add the last touch to your newsletter — subject line, content updating etc. Then you can send it as usual, taking advantage of the powerful mailing platform offered by MailChimp.

As easy as pie!



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