How to make an email template for Thunderbird

How to make an email template for Mozilla Thunderbird

It’s pretty easy to create an email template for recurring messages on Mozilla Thunderbird: you simply need to compose it and save it in the Template folder, where it will be available to be re-used and formatted as you wish with new content.

It’s a common time-saving practice: unfortunately, Thunderbird is extremely limited as a template builder (which is logical, being foremost an email client). This turns out to be a problem especially when it comes to newsletters and other HTML emails: building them directly in Thunderbird can lead to very poor results.

So if you want to have a more elegant (and effective) newsletter, you should opt for a professional email builder like MailStyler, and only then import it and send it with Thunderbird.

In fact, MailStyler makes it incredibly easy to create solid email templates: you pick your blocks (text boxes, image boxes, columns, footers etc.) among a vast choice of pre-made elements and simply drag and drop them onto the page.

This way, thanks to our WYSIWYG editor, you’ll be able to build your newsletter step by step — without coding at all.

The final result? A 100% compatible template that will work perfectly on Mozilla Thunderbird, improving your communication and brand image.



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