• verified newsletter

    How to preview your template with Smartpreview

    MailStyler has a preview system that allows you to check if everything works as it should, before uploading it to an email marketing platform such as eMailChef, or use software for sending email campaigns such as Sendblaster.

  • How to use MailStyler on a Mac

    MailStyler 2 is the best newsletter template builder you can find on the market. Although it’s a software designed for Windows, it’s easy to use our software on a Mac. We explain how in this post.

  • font newsletter

    Font newsletter: manage the style of your text with MailStyler 2

    A newsletter is composed of several elements, the most important of which is obviously the text that presents the content to your addressees. We won’t give you tips on how to write a proper newsletter now: we’ll explain to you how to change the appearance of the template text so that you can change its appearance according to your needs. You’ll find that with MailStyler 2 is very simple.

  • How to activate MailStyler 2

    MailStyler 2 is a software that guarantees exceptional results with little effort: to create templates that will be opened on every device you don’t need to know how to program or know HTML, just let our software work.

  • responsive newsletter

    Responsive template with MailStyler 2

    For years now, most emails are mostly read on a mobile device screen (such as mobile phones or tablets) instead of the traditional desktop PC. For this reason, sending newsletters that cannot adapt to the screen on which they are rendered is a severe mistake: not being able to be read by your customers is a big stumbling block. Luckily, responsive design has become a standard rule, allowing you to get fluid layouts that can fit seamlessly on your latest smartphone, 27-inch desktop computer or Galaxy Note.

  • halloween 2017 free responsive template

    Halloween 2017: 8 free templates to enrich your newsletters

    Keeping up with festivities and events is a great way to keep your newsletters alive, and even have some fun with your customers. Halloween 2017 is just around the corner, and there’s nothing better than some pumpkins, vampires, and cobwebs to prepare for this happy day.

  • Editing Images on MailStyler 2: Zoom and crop

    Finding the ideal image for your newsletter, it’s not enough: the image must also merge perfectly with your template and your text. MailStyler 2 allows you to manipulate images to be perfect for your communications.