How to create a newsletter

Creating a newsletter or mass email is an extraordinary mean of communication and marketing, and one of the best ways to keep your customers informed: low cost, great results. That’s why it’s so important to put the utmost attention while you build it — both on its design and its content.

In fact, the art of making a proper email newsletter is pretty delicate: especially when it comes to compose the template, or to draw the general layout. The set of skills required — good taste, creativity, copywriting ability and a thorough knowledge of HTML — just cannot be improvised.

But now there’s a brand new way create your own newsletter: MailStyler.

With our template builder you’ll be able to compose an email in a few clicks, simply dragging and dropping all the required elements and editing them as you wish. It’s really that easy, and no coding skills are needed — at all.

Plus, unlike similar web services, MailStyler takes advantages of all the general features of a desktop software. That is: more power, more editing options, more stability.

And here are five suggestions about how to create better emails:

  1. Focus on your needs and your brand.
    Not all templates are created equal, so before building your newsletter design think of what you need to tell your subscribers. The general layout is a mean to display (in the best possible way) content: so content comes always first. Plus, don’t forget to keep an aesthetic coherence with your brand image and website.
  2. Follow the commonsense design best practices.
    Using MailStyler and its ready-made components it’s practically impossible to make a bad template. That said, there are some general rules to be remembered: e.g. don’t make your email too long, find a good balance between text and images, don’t forget the footer etc. They’re all applied on our newsletter samples: you can take inspiration from them to start your own design.
  3. Write concise, compelling content (and subject lines as well).
    Stuffing your newsletter with long winded content is definitely a bad choice: you have only a few seconds to get your readers’ attention, so you need to be both short and very clear. The same rule applies, even more strongly, to the subject of your email. Generic lines like “Newsletter n. 41” are useless and will only diminish the open rate: make it enticing and shorter than 50 characters. (It’s not easy, but with a little practice you’ll learn fast).
  4. Highlight the call to action.
    This may sound obvious, but it’s always worth remembering: whichever action you want to trigger — a subscription, a purchase, a simple click — you need to make its call very visible. The classical way is a button: and some of MailStyler’s “call to action blocks” have buttons colored to automatically stand out.
  5. Always provide an unsubscribe link.
    It can be tempting to prevent readers to unsubscribe from your newsletter, but it’s wrong basically on all levels. First of all it’s illegal: you must always provide the possibility to opt-out — best with just one click. Second, it’s bad for your brand image: you’ll look like someone who wants to coerce her customers to receive a communication, even if they’re no more interested. And third, it may harm your campaign: if customers don’t find an easy way to unsubscribe, they’ll start throwing your email in the junk folder — which is very bad for your delivery rate.



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