How to design an HTML email newsletter

How to design an HTML email newsletter

Is it possible to design your own HTML newsletter without knowing anything about HTML itself? It is.

With our email creator you’ll have all elements needed already crafted and ready to be composed as you wish, with a simple series of drag-and-drop.

You just pick up the layout you prefer — with one or more columns — and then add all the blocks you need: images, buttons, text boxes etc. You can also easily edit the font, the background color and many other details.

But the best news is that all the pre-made elements have been created by expert web designers: so the final template’s HTML code will be flawless, assuring a perfect readability and the same rendering on any email clients.

This way you’ll be able to compose unlimited and amazing HTML email newsletter templates for any needs and any type of content. Literally in minutes, and without coding.



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