Email design

All the most recent and interesting tips about email crafting, to give your newsletter a fresh and innovative look — and why MailStyler can let you get rid of email testing once for all.

How to get the best design for your newsletter

Five top design best practices to create a really impeccable email template.

How to create a newsletter layout

The building of an email template explained step by step, from the header to the footer.

How to design an HTML email newsletter

With MailStyler, you don’t need to care about HTML technicalities. Just start drawing your email!

Litmus email testing

All newsletters created with MailStyler are structured to pass any email rendering test, Litmus included. Try and see.

How to design an email signature

An email signature is a common way to end a newsletter: here’s a few tips about how to design it.

How to edit an email template

Create and edit a newsletter can be pretty tricky if you’re not a coder. But with MailStyler, it’s a breeze.

Design a newsletter template

Stop bothering about all technical details and start creating your email with a few simple moves.

No more Email on Acid testing

Email on Acid is a popular rendering testing tool for newsletters. With MailStyler, you won’t need it anymore.