No more Email on Acid testing

Tested on Litmus

Email on Acid is a very popular tool devoted to test the rendering of newsletters on different clients and platforms – just like Litmus.

In fact, have you ever wondered how email clients visualize your newsletters on their devices? On desktop computers and mobile devices your graphics may have huge differences, dramatically altering your message design – and its efficacy accordingly.

That’s why services like Email On Acid have been built: to check the look of your template so you can tweak it and make it appear good no matter where it’s read.

But to tweak your template you need to know how to code HTML/CSS, and then test it again against Email On Acid, and then tweak it once more to improve the rendering on another email client… And so on.

Luckily, with MailStyler you don’t need to do that anymore – nor to use Email on Acid.

MailStyler allows you to compose perfectly-rendered newsletter, regardless of the device they’re opened on, and develop professional templates in few clicks and without the need to know any web developing language.

Your MailStyler newsletters will be visualized the same way by all clients: so you can just create a template easily and focus on your content instead of going nuts with coding adjustments. See yourself.