Email template creation

What is an email template and how to start crafting it in minutes: the fine art of newsletter making, explained.


Email newsletter template: how to

Few things are as important as a good newsletter template when it comes to email marketing. Here’s how to design it.

How to get a free newsletter template

Why the best newsletter layout is the one that you have built yourself: truly branded, truly personalized.

Why you shouldn’t create a newsletter template with Microsoft Word

Even if it’s tempting, the results can be very bad. Especially because Word doesn’t use a standard HTML coding.

Why you shouldn’t create a newsletter template with Publisher

Same as Word: Microsoft Publisher is definitely not the best tool for your newsletters.

Email layout best practices

How to follow all the best rules of email template creation, without having to write a sole line of HTML code.

Why get a professional newsletter program

When it comes to email marketing, it’s essential to get both a professional sending software and a dedicated newsletter editor.

Responsive Email Templates

Today more than half of your readers will likely open your newsletter on a mobile phone or a tablet, and then maybe check it again on a computer.