The toolbox

The toolbox is the element placed above the editing area that contains a series of buttons that enable you to edit the text and control other aspects, such as zoom level and undo/redo.

The toolbox
The toolbox
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Paragraph formatting controls (such as indentation and alignment controls) affect the paragraph that owns the cursor.

The element's in MailStyler's toolbox are (from left to right):

  • Font family: Selection of the font family. Note that the Font family combo box only shows a list of web-safe fonts, that is, font families that are widely recognized as available on most systems.
  • Font size: Selection of the font size. Select a size from the list or enter a number between 1 and 99.
  • Bold: Apply a Bold effect.
  • Italic: Apply an Italic effect.
  • Underline: Apply an Underline effect.
  • Strikethrough: Apply a Strikethrough effect.
  • Text color: Define the text color.
  • Back color: Define the text background color.
  • Clear formatting: Remove all text effects from the selection.
  • Increase indentation: Add a 10-pixel left indentation to the paragraph.
  • Decrease indentation: Decrease indentation by 10 pixels.
  • Numbering: Apply a Number format to the paragraph.
  • Bullets: Apply a Bullet formatting to the paragraph.
  • Line height: Change line height to the paragraph.
  • Align full: Align the paragraph to full justify
  • Align left: Align the paragraph to the left.
  • Align center: Center align the paragraph.
  • Align right: Align the paragraph to the right.
  • Link: Insert or remove a Hyperlink. See Links for more information.
  • Copy: Copy selected text to the clipboard. This button is enabled only when a text selection is present.
  • Paste: Paste clipboard contents to the current cursor location. This button is enabled only when the clipboard contains text compatible data.
  • Undo: Undo the most recent changes. Hover the mouse cursor over this button to see a description of the change that will be undone.
  • Redo: Redo the most recent Undo's.
  • Zoom out: Decrease zoom level up to 25%.
  • Zoom in: Increase zoom level up to 500%.

Note that when a zoom level other than 100% is applied, a small indicator will appear above the zoom icons.

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