Main window

MailStyler's window is organized in 5 main areas:

  1. Top menus: this is the top area where 7 menu-like buttons are displayed, enabling you to access the features that deal with loading ad saving files, previewing, preferences and help.
  2. The toolbox: this is the horizontal toolbar that enables you to define text appearance and add links. You can also control undo/redo and zoom level here.
  3. The block panel: this is the left panel, in which you can select the blocks you want to add to the newsletter.
  4. The style panel: this is the right panel, where the user controls the style library and can apply styles to the newsletter.
  5. The content editor: the central area where the user edits the newsletter.
MailStyler main window
MailStyler main window
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When MailStyler is first displayed it also shows the Welcome screen.
This is a window aimed at showing a brief tutorial, a video and direct you to this on-line help.

MailStyler Welcome screen
MailStyler Welcome screen
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Click the Don't show at startup option to hide the Welcome screen when MailStyler is run.

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