The Open menu enables you to open a previously saved file for edit.

  • Click the Open menu to browse your computer or network for MailStyler’s files. The default location for MailStyler’s file is the MailStyler folder created during setup inside the user’s Document folder. When you open a template situated on a different folder, it will automatically be shown under the Open tab next time.
  • Click one of the 10 most recent saved files in the list below to re-open a recently edited file. This list will show up to 10 files, excluding files that may have been deleted or move by the user.
  • Click Clear recent list to delete the list of files that have been recently created
Open menu
Open menu
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MailStyler supports programs like Dropbox, Google drive and Microsoft OneDrive, allowing you to open your templates saved on your cloud system folders.

Depending on the applications installed on the computer, the menù will also display the menu commands Open from Dropbox, Open from Google Drive and Open from OneDrive.

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