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Text Tools Panel
Text Tools Panel
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  • Font: it selects the font type. The drop down menu shows only the web-safe font, that are widely popular and accepted by most email clients.
  • Font size: it determines the font size. Choose a value from the list or manually enter a number between 1 and 99.
  • Bold: it applies the bold style to the selected text.
  • Italic: it applies the italic style to the selected text.
  • Underline: it applies the underline style to the selected text.
  • Strikethrough: it applies the strikeout style to the selected text.
  • Text Color: it defines the text color.
  • Background color: it defines the background color.
  • Remove Formatting: it removes all effects from the selected text.
  • Increase Indentation: it adds 10 pixels of paragraph indentation to the left.
  • Decrease Indentation: it take off 10 pixels of paragraph indentation.
  • Numbering: it applies numbering to the selected paragraph.
  • Bullet points: it applies bullet points to the selected paragraph.
  • Line height: it changes the line spacing between lines.
  • Align Full: it full align the paragraph.
  • Align Left: it aligns the paragraph to the left.
  • Align Center: it aligns the paragraph to the center.
  • Align Right: it aligns the paragraph to the right.
  • Link: it inserts or deletes a hyperlink. See also link to more informations.
  • Copy Text: it copies the selected text.
  • Paste Text: it pastes the text previously copied.
  • Save to Library: it saves the selected text in the text library.
  • Delete text: it deletes the selected text. If you do not select any text, the whole paragraph under the cursor will be deleted.
  • Undo: Undo the latest changes. By moving the mouse over the icon you will read the action that will be undo.
  • Repeat changes: it repeats the most recent deleting actions.
  • Reduce: Decrease zoom up to 25%
  • Zoom: Zoom in up to 500%.

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