MailStyler 2 is a complete newsletter creator that will enable you to create newsletters compatible with all of the main browsers, email clients and portable devices most widely used.

It enables you to easily create the layout, edit the contents and it assists you in creating the best looking newsletter possible.

No knowledge of the HTML language is required and you don’t even have to be an expert graphic designer: Just let MailStyler guide you and you will be able to create great looking and very effective newsletters.

Our software harnesses the power of a database of pre-built blocks from the many uses and a library of styles that will modify with a simple click the design of the entire newsletter. Select the items you like with a simple drag & drop and then select the style you prefer (you can also create your own customized style).

The new dynamic blocks can be changed at will by inserting, moving or deleting elements within them. MailStyler2 will automatically create 100% responsive blocks and cells. Your newsletter will be always displayed perfectly on PC, tablets or smartphones, by maintaining an impeccable design and allowing you to increase your readership.

Newsletter spaces are easily adjustable by narrowing or widening the columns with a simple drag & drop. Texts, images and buttons can be reorganized while keeping order in the newsletter layout.

Text, images, buttons and links to social networks can be modified in every part and can be saved to create customized personal libraries always at your disposal.

MailStyler also offers a library with more than 2,000 * images in high definition, ready for use that will allow you to improve the content of your newsletter. You can then use the advanced image editor to automatically crop the images or select a detail.

Not only that: MailStyler 2 lets you overlap fully customizable text to images and insert pictures on them, so you can create attractive graphics without using other softwares.
You also have a wide selection of graphic effects for texts that facilitates the creation of banners and advertisements.

* The library of basic and demo versions includes around 200 images that can be used with up to 800 pixels of resolution. All other images are smaller and have a digital watermark. The library images of the full version contains more than 2,000 images with a maximum size of 2048 pixels.

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