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Block Tools Panel
Block Tools Panel
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  • Edit block: it opens the block settings, where you can edit the features of the selected block.
  • Lock/Unlock Styles: when the style lock is active (closed padlock) global styles are not applied to the block. Unlocking (open padlock) enables global styles to be applied to the block.
  • Copy block: after selecting a block, it copies its contents to another one.
  • Paste block content: adds the previously copied block
  • Copy-style: it copies one or more styles in a selected block and quickly apply them to other blocks. There are 4 copy options:
    • Copy all: it copies in one click the whole styles applied to borders, margins and background of the cell
    • Only borders: it just copies the borders style of the block
    • Only margins: it just copies the margins style of the block
    • Only background: it just copies the background style of the block
  • Paste style: you can quickly paste styles from a block to another one. Select the block you would like to edit and click the Paste Style button.
  • Save block: it saves the selected block in the blocks library in order to reuse it when needed.
  • Delete block: it deletes the selected block.

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